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Enneagram 1 Aura Poster

Enneagram 1 Aura Poster

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These posters are a beautiful and unique way to showcase what people love about your Enneagram type. Each poster features a stunningly rendered aura in the colors associated with your type along with some highlighted traits. The prints are made with museum-grade paper and have a matte finish, making them perfect for framing and displaying in your home or office.


+ Beautifully rendered: These posters are stunningly rendered, with each aura carefully designed to reflect the unique qualities of your Enneagram type.

+ Made with museum-grade paper: These posters are made with museum-grade paper, ensuring that they will last for years to come.

+ Matte finish: The matte finish gives these posters a sophisticated look that will complement any décor.

+ Perfect for framing: These posters are perfect for framing, so you can display them in your home or office.

+ Unique and thoughtful gift: These posters are a personalized and thoughtful gift that your Enneagram-loving friends and family will cherish for years to come.

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